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Boudoir Photo Session Information

boudoir, beauty and glamour sessions

1920s Parisian Burlesque Personal Shoot
Be Brave!  Be Bold!  Be YOU! As women, we often feel stuck playing a role catering to others rather than truly getting to be the person we know we are deep inside. Studio Starfish challenges you to be brave and put yourself at the top of your “to do” list for once – to allow yourself to be pampered and transformed – to feel confident, sexy and empowered because you deserve it. We will create an unforgettable experience that encourages you to laugh, dream and express your individuality – creatively and without limits. We want to give you the chance to see yourself the way you should be seen…as a beautiful, strong, perfectly imperfect, unforgettable feminine force!

This is not just boudoir photography. Whether your style is flirty, sassy, sultry, elegant modern beauty or old hollywood glamour, we’ll help you capture the essence of the you deep down inside. These sessions are designed for women of all ages and size to allow you to be free to express yourself and create a vision of the “you” that you’d want to leave behind as your legacy. All women deserve to see how beautiful they truly are and our expert lighting and posing will capture you at your best. In addition to studio sessions, we offer location shoots. Pricing starts at 295.  To view our current price list for boudoir, beauty and glamour portraits, please click here or contact us for more information and to inquire about our custom packages.

frequently asked questions



Q) What is included in the fee?

A) It varies based on the package you choose, but for the most part, all of the packages will include your pre-shoot consultation, style inspiration/mood boards, your photo shoot and a private viewing party to order your images. All packages also include professional hair and makeup.  I feel it’s a very important part of the experience – you get to be pampered and fawned over while the stylist brings out your inner vixen!  It gives you time to relax and get used to the studio before your session, it also gives us a chance to chat and get acquainted which also helps with your comfort level.  Having your makeup professionally done will even out skin tones, bring out the color in your eyes, and contour your best facial features. You will be able to talk through your preferences and style…most of our clients want to still look like themselves, with a little “pow,” rather than looking like someone else entirely. You choose, it’s your day! Most of the packages will include one of our custom image books so you’ll have an album of your photos to give or keep.  Additional prints, books, calendars, and image boxes can also be ordered after the session.

Q) I’m SO NERVOUS! I’m not sure if I can do this. Can I meet you before deciding?

A) Yes, of course! EVERYONE is really nervous! It is my job to make you look beautiful, feel comfortable, and be having fun by the time the camera starts clicking! I offer an in-studio consultation before your shoot, if desired, so that we can get to know each other before the day comes and also to provide guidance with wardrobe and styling. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to be nervous. It will pass very quickly…I promise!


Q) What is required to book a session? What are your payment terms?

A) Once you have decided to book a session, I will send you a questionnaire to help with styling and planning for your shoot.  I will also send you a model release, agreement and invoice at that time.  You are required to pay for the session up front in order to hold the date. There are a few options for payment: 1) Visa/Mastercard: I can accept credit card information or over the phone. 2) Payment plan: I do have a payment plan option for the higher priced packages.  Please contact me to discuss details. 3) Bank transfer: If you bank with TCF Bank, contact me for direct transfer instructions, and an extra 8×10 will be added to your package! For the best rate of all, choose this option, along with one of the product packages.

Q) What sets your photography apart from others who offer boudoir? What’s your specialty?

A) First, I don’t just focus on boudoir.  I like to create custom couture portraits that create the essence of a woman’s inner desire to express herself as an individual. I consider my work to be fashion-inspired, with a bit of an old hollywood glamour feel. In the studio, I use a lot of directional lighting to define the mood and intentional posing to bring our your best features.  When shooting boudoir or lingerie, my style is more elegant or glamorous rather than suggestive or sexual. It’s intimate and sassy. I play with light, shadow, and angles to tease rather than overt, full body poses. I want my images to bring out your natural beauty as a woman.  To make you feel empowered and to bring out your absolute best self. My clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages and are perfectly imperfect…just like you…and me.

Q) Do you retouch my images?

A) YES. I fully retouch every image you order, including smoothing skin, correcting blemishes and covering minor flaws such as bruises, cellulite and stretch marks.  It is my job to bring out your best through posing and lighting so there is usually no need to do specific body contouring or airbrushing that you see in many magazines.  I certainly know how to do magazine style retouching, but I believe a woman’s beauty is in her truth and authenticity and that there is such a thing as too much Photoshop.

Q)How many outfits can I bring?

A) With the most popular package option, there is time for at least 3 outfit choices. I usually have you bring more along with extra shoes, jewelry and accessories so we can change up your look during your session.  I am always available to help with wardrobe choices, to give advice on what works best with different body types or to choose what might go best with the setting. Don’t be limited by just lingerie either, a lot of my clients choose to wear a sexy dress or evening wear, a sweatshirt and shorts or a white button down shirt or even their favorite outfit.  Anything that makes you feel great can be very sassy and glamorous as well!

Boudoir photo of woman by Studio Starfish

Q) How much do your albums and prints cost?

A) Albums generally range from 350-1800, but it depends on the size and materials. All albums are custom made. Prints start at 45. Canvas gallery wraps and image folios are also popular options. Because of the infinite product possibilities, I do not have one printed price list of everything I offer, but I do have many samples and product catalogs in the studio and will be happy to show you options. You can book a package with a book included, or order after the shoot.

Q) Will there be other people in the room?

A) I usually have my (female) makeup artist assist the shoot and provide touch-ups, but if you are uncomfortable with that, please let me know.

Q) Can I bring a friend for moral support?

A) I don’t prohibit this, but I discourage it. In my experience, having a friend in the room can make you feel inhibited and can be distracting during the shoot. The presence of the friend seems to make some people much more nervous, for some reason.

Q) Are you willing to photograph me nude?/ Do I have to be nude?

A) I will only do tasteful and artistic nude photos and it is more my style to shoot more of a suggested nude than a full nude shot.  You are NOT at all expected to do nude photos. I will not suggest that you disrobe beyond your comfort level. I typically leave it to you to request this if it’s something you want. I do not have many examples of full nudity online, but prospective clients can see more work at our studio consultation. I only show work that has been approved for portfolio use by my clients.

Q) Are you going to put my pictures on Facebook or on your blog?

A) I won’t share your images anywhere (online, in-studio, etc.) without your permission. I do post “weekly teasers” sometimes, that do not show identifying features, on the Studio Starfish FB Page. I never tag my clients in boudoir photos.

Q) How do I book you?

A) Great question! Please get in touch by calling 612-817-6565 or email me.  You can also fill out our contact form on this site.  Studio Starfish is a small specialty studio and I often book 1-2 months out, so please inquire early if you have a gift-giving occasion coming up. I look forward to hearing from you!