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As you know with photography, what you see isn’t always what you get.  Here is a great example! I recently had the opportunity to shoot some corporate headshots for Jessica and Dan at Channel Financial – an independent retirement plan consulting firm located in Minneapolis.
I wish I had taken some photos of the setup to show you how odd the scenario actually was because looking at the photos, you’d never know!
I needed to match Jessica and Dan’s photos as closely as possible to the photos of their colleagues which were all taken outdoors in an industrial setting. The day of our shoot was one of those lovely Minnesota 20 degrees below zero days and it was snowing so we were obviously not going to be shooting outside.
The offices at Channel Financial are really nice and modern, but we needed to find an almost brick-like background to shoot against if the photos were going to match.
I noticed a small strip of grey brick about 2 feet wide just behind the front desk that would work. The company logo was just above eye level, so I needed to use a really low chair to get it out of view.  The desk comes up quite high, so it hid most of the chair, but it also partially hid Jessica and Dan so I had to get myself up quite a bit higher to shoot down at them from the other side of the desk.  So far, so good.  But here’s the best part…the company’s receptionist was out on maternity leave, but she had popped into the office that morning to quickly follow up on something and had brought her baby with her in the carrier right next to her chair.  There isn’t a lot of room behind the front desk, and I didn’t want to disturb her set-up, but the chair we needed to use in order to get the bricks in behind was really tight next to her.  So imagine that you’re all dressed up in a suit – having your photos taken behind the reception desk of your company with a baby at your feet – crying!  Yikes! Not to mention if someone were to walk by – there’s 3 people behind the front desk: 1 posing for a photo sitting pretty low to the ground, 1 working away at her computer, a 1 baby.  Then you notice the photographer up on a ladder on the other side front of the desk capturing the whole thing with all kinds of lights and umbrellas set up around her.  We laughed pretty hard – definitely not your usual setup for professional photos.

As you can see, the photos turned out perfectly and they did complement their colleague’s photos nicely. It just goes to show you how deceiving some photos can be 🙂

Headshot photos by Studio Starfish
Headshot photos by Studio Starfish

Allan - April 26, 2014 - 6:03 am

Awesome headshots. Love the clarity in colour and contrast. Cheers!

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